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  • Building Setout Surveys
  • Lease Area (Tenancy) Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Contour & Feature Surveys
  • Boundary Re-Establishment Surveys
  • Identification Surveys
Land Development
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  • Freehold (Green Title) Subdivisions
  • Survey Strata Subdivisions
  • Strata (Built Strata) Subdivisions
  • Strata Mergers
  • Survey Strata Conversions
  • Planning Applications
Construction & Engineering
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  • Road & Rail Construction
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  • As-Constructed Surveys
  • Bulk & Volume Earthwork Surveys
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  • Monitoring & Deformation Surveys

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Residential & Commercial Building Surveyors

Topographic, Contour and Feature Surveys

A topographic survey is used to define the shape of the ground (topography). Crossland and Hardy utilise the latest precision robotic total station equipment and GPS instruments to accurately and quickly measure many points on the ground surface. The measured points are used to produce a digital terrain model (DTM) and contours. This data can then be used as the basis for detailed design work and as a reference surface for volume computations.

These types of surveys are used to ‘map’ the land. Often required by architects, engineers and land planners at the first stage of any development, (subdivision, construction, building, landscaping), a feature survey is undertaken upon which any design of the new development is then based. They involve physically locating all visible natural and man-made features affecting the site.

Upon completion of the feature survey fieldwork, our highly trained surveyors process the digital data to create a plan, generate contours and a 3D model of the land surveyed. The digital plan, hard copy and 3D data can then be passed along to relevant parties.

Boundary Re-Establishment Surveys

Also known as a ’re-peg' or a 're-survey' these surveys involve determining and marking the existing boundary of a lot or lots. A re-peg is required when construction or building work such as new fences, retaining walls, building extensions, new houses etc are within close proximity to a property boundary. Having the boundary line re-pegged ensures that no encroachments are made.

These surveys can only be carried out by a Licensed Surveyor who holds a current practicing certificate. Upon completion of the boundary re-establishment survey our professional Licensed Surveyors will provide you with a plan of the boundary and the marks placed. The plan, by law, will be signed by the Licensed Surveyor certifying as to the accuracy of the survey and can be provided to interested parties.

Identification Surveys

Identification surveys are a report on a parcel of land that certifies the land as described in the title, plans and other documents is identical to that parcel of land as found on the ground. Also any easements or other encumbrances on the land are reported. Any improvements and their relationship to the boundaries or encroachments onto the land are identified.