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  • Building Setout Surveys
  • Lease Area (Tenancy) Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Contour & Feature Surveys
  • Boundary Re-Establishment Surveys
  • Identification Surveys
Land Development
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  • Freehold (Green Title) Subdivisions
  • Survey Strata Subdivisions
  • Strata (Built Strata) Subdivisions
  • Strata Mergers
  • Survey Strata Conversions
  • Planning Applications
Construction & Engineering
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  • Road & Rail Construction
  • Underground Services
  • As-Constructed Surveys
  • Bulk & Volume Earthwork Surveys
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Perth Land Development & Subdivisions

Crossland & Hardy have been involved in the development of Perth and Western Australia since the company’s inception in 1868.

Our experienced team are specialists in land development and can help you realise your subdivision whether it be green title, built strata or survey strata. Our licensed surveyors are well-versed in land development statutory requirements, R-Codes and planning schemes, tailoring each application to the client’s individual needs.

Crossland & Hardy’s professional team are able to advise and guide their clients through the subdivision processes from initial applications to the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission), through to final approvals and issue of new titles.

Below is a brief outline of those land development processes.

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Freehold (Green Title) Subdivisions

This is the traditional process of dividing land into smaller parcels and produces one title per parcel. The basic process involves establishing any existing boundary alignments, marking the new boundary positions, servicing the lot(s), drafting the deposited plans and lodging them at Landgate after which the new land titles can then be applied for. A Licensed Surveyor is the only person qualified to do this.

Survey-Strata Subdivisions

Survey-strata lots are formed by dividing freehold (Green Title) lots into smaller portions again. This type of subdivision allows for the sharing of services to lots created within the freehold lot, as a result this process is usually cheaper than Freehold Subdivisions. Survey-strata subdivisions are usually performed in previously developed areas where existing lots are able to be further divided to create higher density living closer to major transport nodes. Again a Licensed Surveyor is the only person qualified to do this.

Strata Titling

Strata Lots (also known as built-stratas) are comprised of building walls, floors and other features which define the boundaries. A strata lot can also include car bays, balconies, store rooms and open area spaces. A strata lot cannot be created until the buildings are completed. Strata schemes can range from a 2 lot ‘duplex’ style development to a multi storey apartment block, and can incorporate either residential, commercial or a mix of both.

Owners of single tier strata schemes created before 1 January 1998 have two possible options to modify their built-strata schemes. The first method is known as a Strata Merger and the secondmethod is by Conversion to Survey-Strata. Neither of these two options requires approval from the WAPC or local government.

A Strata Merger is the act of dividing common property buildings and land into merging them into their respective strata lots. Typically, older schemes give ownership of the buildings to the individual owners but leave the rest of the land as common property even though the owners may have ‘exclusive use’ of portions. Elimination of common property by merger may mean that there is no longer a need to collect levies and may offer the opportunity for each lot owner to obtain separate insurance policies.

Conversion to Survey Strata removes the need for buildings to be shown on the plan and all of the land boundaries are fully surveyed (dimensioned). A variety of easements can be created to protect any existing rights that the owners may enjoy. The main benefit in this process is there are fewer restrictions on carrying out building alterations and Strata Company levies are reduced or even eliminated.

These two processes are further outlined in these documents published by Landgate.