Residential & Commercial
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  • Building Setout Surveys
  • Lease Area (Tenancy) Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Contour & Feature Surveys
  • Boundary Re-Establishment Surveys
  • Identification Surveys
Land Development
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  • Freehold (Green Title) Subdivisions
  • Survey Strata Subdivisions
  • Strata (Built Strata) Subdivisions
  • Strata Mergers
  • Survey Strata Conversions
  • Planning Applications
Construction & Engineering
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  • Road & Rail Construction
  • Underground Services
  • As-Constructed Surveys
  • Bulk & Volume Earthwork Surveys
  • Concrete & Bolt Setout Surveys
  • Monitoring & Deformation Surveys

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Licensed Land Surveyors in Perth

Welcome to Crossland & Hardy

Crossland & Hardy can trace its origin to Alexander Forrest, an eminent surveyor & explorer who founded the company in 1868.

Since then the company, based in Perth, Western Australia, has continued to provide a comprehensive range of survey services including;

  • Land Development
  • Cadastral subdivisions, stratas & resurveys
  • Rail network surveys
  • Civil engineering surveys
  • Monitoring surveys
  • Construction setout surveys

As a Licensed Surveying company, our professional & experienced surveyors maintain an extremely high standard of work ethic ensuring that both major and small projects are undertaken using the latest field & processing technology. This has enabled us to consistently complete projects to our client’s specifications & satisfaction.

The company is proud of its history & its continuing involvement in the development of Western Australia.